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This little family owned restaurant has kicked so many goals in that time that we are thankful for - hats, goblets, stars, industry recognition, and other successes.

We look forward to sharing many more special milestones together.


  • We opened in late 2009, in the middle of the GFC, following Alessandro’s first heart attack. The day before we opened the pylon underneath the restaurant broke and the whole jetty tipped down, our freshly painted walls cracked, we needed major structural work down in that last 24 hours. 

  • Immediately received 15.5 from SMH - one hat!

  • Concept: Northern Italian Cuisine. 


  • Alessandro's second heart attack. He stepped into Ambassador role with Heart Research Australia 

  • Retained one Hat


  • MasterChef and Junior MasterChef

  • Retained one Hat


  • Received an additional hat! Have retained two hats ever since


  • Bill joined our partnership

  • Victor stepped up from Head Chef to Business Partner

  • Our first major renovation - remember the marble chef table, the grey carpet, the banquette and the hidden services corridor. Most importantly new kitchen!

  • Concept: Trip Through Italy  (inspired by regional Italian Cuisine - a dish or ingredient)


  • Opened Via Alta, Jada was born, built and opened Chiosco, and built the Commissary kitchen!


  • SMH Good food guide - Alessandro nominated as Chef of the Year 

  • Next renovation - Built the internal bathrooms


  • Opened Sotto Sopra, Luca was born

  • Started our Northern Beaches Rivalry Dinner series with great friends Pilu at Freshwater. 


  • Towards the end of the year we changed concept direction - A Trip Via Spain (inspired by similarities between Spanish and Italian Cuisine)

  • Finalist in the SMH Good food Guide for Restaurant of the Year

  • King tides starting getting bigger 


  • Concept: Trip Via Spain 

  • King tides now over our floor - sand bags needed!


  • Concept: l’Esperienza (contemporary Italian cuisine showcasing Australian produce) - and offered an a la carte menu for the first time in years

  • Reintroduced the Trip Through Italy due to popular demand and the “Celebrate Ten Years Menu"


  • Covid hit and we went into lockdown #1. Offered takeaway and delivery and came back after Covid better than ever!

  • We renovated - Concept: Ormeggio 2.0 - seafood only, more relaxed and approachable dining


  • New Terrazza built

  • Bit more Covid

  • Alessandro opened a’Mare


  • Added the boat berth. 

  • Victor went on Long Service Leave after 10 years with us!


  • Gianmarco went on Long Service Leave after 10 years with us!

  • Watch this space - we hope to announce our next project very very soon......


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